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I am most of the way through a major upgrade and design of this website.  As a result, some things aren't going to work.  Sorry about that, but I'm getting to it as fast as I can.

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Today at lunch I brainstormed with my brother and that started the thoughts flowing, which culminated in about a half-hour of research this afternoon while I was supposed to be working and resulted in the reasoning for the plot.  Ah-ha!  :-)

Which necessitated a bunch of changes to a bunch of stuff, but as all the stuff had been nebulous-stuff, this is a good thing.   This evening I downloaded a free mapping program and began mapping out the world.  It's a much clumsier program than I'd like, but it's given me some ideas, and the limitations actually made some setting stuff and logistics come more clear.  So... not a bad thing.  But still too much of a pain to deal with in the long term, so going to keep my eye out for a good mapping program that I can afford.

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A few minutes ago, I sent off the completed cover questionnaire for the book I sold. 

It took forever to fill out... but mostly because I'm a perfectionist and the heroine is a painter who's even more of a perfectionist and has very clear ideas of what the cover should look like.  Which combined meant I had to learn a whole bunch about PhotoShop that I didn't know before, so I could create a few prototypes of covers Sarah would be satisfied with.

I'm hoping if I give them a starting point, that I'll get back something that both heroine and I are happy with.  Hell, I'll even do the Photoshopping if I have to.

The questionnaire also needed blurbs of three different lengths.  I HATE writing blurbs!!

But it's done, and I'm glad for that.  And on it's way, even though the office is closed for the holidays.

My next step is to ask a couple published authors about a paragraph in the contract...

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Children wait outside Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, after the shooting.Yes, the story dominating yesterday's and today's news is tragic and very sad: 'Why? Why?': 26 dead in elementary school massacre

Yes, I feel very sad for all the families who lost loved ones.  Yes, I feel sad for so many lives cut short, including the life of the gunman. Yes, I think some of the images coming from the day are going to become as iconic in their own way as some of the photos of 9...

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I was a responsible website owner yesterday and upgraded all the modules on my website to newer, more secure versions.  Which would have been great, except that the new version of the most important module on the site was completely screwing up all the intra-site links.  Argh!!

At first, I didn't realize what was up.  I have six domains running off the same code-base and I thought I'd misunderstood how it all worked.  Except that I was pretty sure that before I upgraded it hadn't worked the way it was now working.

So I did all the usual stuff to see if it was my imagination, but it wasn't, and it wasn't fixable by obvious means, either.  Needless to say, I wasn't happy, but it was late and I wasn't up to dealing with it.

This morning I talked to #3-son (who put up the website code) to see if he had an old copy of the module.  He sent what he had, but it was for the wrong version of backend.  On the...

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